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SELECT SC26 -SC27 Select 24/324 SL SC28 Select 24 SS/324 SS | 22 SS/322 SS SC29 Select 24 SE/324 SE SC30 Select 22 CC/322 CC SC31 Select 24 RC/324 RC | 22 RC/322 RC SC32 Select 22 C/322 C SC33 Select 22 FC/322 FC SC34 Select 22 F/322 F SC35 Select 22 RF/322 RF SC36 Select 20 FC SC37 Select 20 RC | 20 RCX SC38 - SC39 Select 20 F | 18 F | 16 F SC40 - SC41 Select 20 C | 18 C | 16 C SC42 - SC43 Select Specs | Select Color Guide SC44 - SC45 SunCatcher Options SC46 - SC47 SunCatcher Construction FUSION SC16 Fusion 24/324 RC SC17 Fusion 24/324 RCX SC18 Fusion 24 SL/324 SL SC19 Fusion 24 SS/324 SS SC20 Fusion 22 C/322 C SC21 Fusion 22 RC/322 RC SC22 Fusion 22 RF/322 RF SC23 Fusion 22 FC/322 FC SC24 Fusion Specs SC25 Fusion Color Guide NMMA® 2021 CSI Award Recipient for Customer Satisfaction Aluminum Boats Industry Leading 19 Consecutive Years ELITE SC2 - SC3 Amara SC4 Elite 326 C SC5 Elite 326 SE SC6 Elite 326 SS SC7 Elite 326 SS DLX SC8 Elite 326 SL SC 9 Elite 324 SL SC10 Elite 324 SS SC11 Elite 324 RC/RCX SC12 Elite 322 C SC13 Elite 322 RC SC14 Elite Specs SC15 Elite Color Guide The Certified Advantage The NMMA® Certified label on a G3 Boat lets you know it was built to meet and often exceed, strict quality and safety standards established by the U.S. Coast Guard and the American Boat and Yacht Council. These standards include 31 categories covering electrical systems, powering, flotation, fuel systems and navigation lights. Certified boats must also pass rigorous annual inspections from independent third-party inspectors. As a result, U.S. Coast Guard statistics show NMMA® Certified boats have been shown to be safer than non-certified boats. TABLE OF CONTENTS

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